Selection Criteria for the RIT Deaf Artists Website

This website will be selecting works of art based on Donna Reid’s criteria, which is published in her book, Thinking and Writing about Art:  (works must meet a minimum of 5 out of the 7 below)

  • catch the viewer’s attention
  • are innovative, original or creative
  • give evidence of technical skill
  • cause an emotional response: impact the viewer
  • have a message, something significant to say
  • show effective use of the medium
  • change our view of the world

In addition, for acceptance into this website: (these requirements must be met)

  • the artist must be Deaf, hard of hearing, or late deaf.  If the artist is hearing, her/his work but have Deaf subject matter
  • their work must have received some professional recognition of a non-student nature (i.e. awards, gallery shows, exhibitions, been published in notable magazines, etc).
  • artworks need to be accessible for viewing
  • artists in the collection must update the curator of any changes in email address, website, etc.
  • artwork will remain as a permanent part of the website collection.
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