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  1. 1972

    Betty G. Miller’s exhibit at Gallaudet

      • 1st show focusing on art with Deaf Themes


    Ameslan Prohibited by Betty G Miller

    Ameslan Prohibited by Betty G Miller


    Bell School 1944

    Bell School 1944

  2. 1975

    Spectrum: Focus on Deaf Artists

      • Artist Colony formed in Austin, Texas.
      • Theatre, poetry, dance, and visual arts.
      • Betty G. Miller & Chuck Baird gather sides of Deaf Artists’ work.

    Betty G. Miller | Spectrum: Focus on Deaf Artists

    Betty G. Miller | Spectrum: Focus on Deaf Artists

    Betty G. Miller | Deaf Dancers

    Betty G. Miller | Deaf Dancers

  3. 1989

    De’VIA coined

    De’VIA is art created with the intention of expressing the Deaf experience. These experiences may include:

      • Contrasting colors and values, intense colors, and contrasting textures.
      • Centralized focus.
      • With exaggeration or emphasis on facial features, especially eyes, mouths, ears, and hands.
      • Centralized focus.

    9 Deaf artists met 1 week prior to Deaf Way I and wrote The Deaf View/Image Art (De’VIA) Manifesto

  4. 1992

    Deaf Artists of America founded

      • Established in Rochester, NY.
      • hosted 20 exhibits, conferences, newsletters, clearinghouse, etc.

    DAA Founder, Tom Willard

    Cover of Uncharted Newsletter

  5. 1993

    Exhibit of De’VIA at 3rd and 4th Deaf Studies Conference

      • Deaf related works exhibited at a conference to foster awareness, knowledge, and analysis.
      • 1993-1999: Organized by Brenda Schertz.

    Family Dog – Susan Dupor

    Milan, Italy – Mary Thornley

    Art No. 2 – Chuck Baird

  6. 1999

    Elements of a Culture: Visions by Deaf Artists

      • First national Touring Exhibit on Deaf Culture Art.
      • Grant funded travelling exhibit organized by Brenda Schertz and Harlan Lane.

    Poetic Hand – Paul Johnston

    TTY Call – Betty G. Miller

    Deaf & Dumb 1903, Deaf 1993 – Ann Silver

  7. 2002

    Deaf Way II

      • Exhibit of International Deaf Artists throughout Washington, D.C. area and workshops for Deaf Artists