Tracey Salaway

Tracey Salaway was born in 1961 in Manhattan, in New York City.  During her first 5 years, Tracey lived in Brooklyn Heights, NY and attended the St. Joseph School for the Deaf, Bronx, NY for 10 months. Her family migrated to Port Washington, NY and Tracey entered a local mainstreamed hearing school. Tracey was transferred [...]

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Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman is an accomplished 3D Artist, Animator and illustrator. He was born on November 8, 1977 in St.Petersburg, Florida and grew up in Florida's Pinellas County in the central-west. His family noticed Michael's talent when he was young and was encouraged to take art classes. His inspirations were visual effects, comics and video games. In 2003, he [...]

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Mark Fisher

Born Deaf in 1957, Mark Fisher attended the Archbishop Ryan Memorial Institute in Philadelphia and later the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf in New Jersey.  He holds a BFA from Gallaudet University.  He is recognized as the first successful Deaf animator, working on several well-known films such as: The Land Before Time, The Little [...]

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Susan Dupor

ARTIST'S WEBSITE »   Susan Dupor was born deaf and has an older brother who was born hard of hearing.  She grew up in Madison, WI, where she attended "hearing impaired" mainstream programs from kindergarten through 12th grade.  In 1987, she enrolled in the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) as a cross-registered [...]

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