Jennifer Tandoc

Jennifer Tandoc, an Abstract Illustrator, was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Los Angeles, California since 1978.  She graduated from California School For the Deaf in Riverside and went to National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York, where she obtained her Associate Degree in Art and Computer Design in 2002.  [...]

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2006 Winter

“A Portrait for my Ears” by Jenamarie Daviton-Sciandra January 24, 2006 I decided to create a flat image using line, shapes and color to express the life of my two ears.  This image talks about the interaction of sound that comes into my left ear and the lack of it in my [...]

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2004 Fall

“Silent Deep Purple Box” by Tina-Margaret Steele November 16, 2004 In my deafness experience, I began a journey into a hearing world that would change my life forever. It has been a journey that has led my mind and heart along a path of suffering and pain to eventual hope and joy. So [...]

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2003 Winter

“See Red” by Nickie Karayiannidis February 3, 2003 After collecting a couple thoughts about myself portraying my personal life experiences and what it means to be Deaf into an artwork, I decided to make this project loud and simple without using a collage of pictures. First, I went to the Campus Connection bookstore [...]

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