Carlisle Robinson

ARTIST’S WEBSITE »   Carlisle Robinson (they / them) is a Canadian and American comic creator, illustrator, and graphic designer. They are passionate about educating the public with rarely told stories by the minority groups, especially Deaf and Queer people. They love to advocate through art. They went to Gallaudet University for undergrad. They [...]

Carlisle Robinson2023-07-05T12:06:53-04:00

Kurt Stoskopf

ARTIST’S WEBSITE »   The fluidity of line and the expression of ideas through a brush stroke sums up the approach to my art. I was born profoundly Deaf and was raised using a mix of SEE (Signed Exact English) and spoken communication.  Growing up in a town with few deaf people around, I [...]

Kurt Stoskopf2018-07-11T15:00:23-04:00

Shawn Richardson

ARTIST'S WEBSITE »   Shawn Richardson was born in Tucson, Arizona, and grew up in Maryland. Shawn graduated from National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) and earned an Associate of Applied Science in Applied Arts in 1992. Shawn worked as a production associate with Preservation magazine and its website at the National Trust [...]

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Maureen Klusza

Maureen Klusza was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. Her father, an artist himself, inspired his daughter’s primitive doodling. In grade school, Maureen drew cartoons for her teachers. In high school, Maureen continued drawing cartoons. She drew cartoons in almost every class. She helped her junior class with fundraising by drawing caricatures for 50 cents [...]

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Matt Daigle

ARTIST'S WEBSITE »   WEBCOMIC »   Matt Daigle knows what his son Hayden and Gary Larson of The Far Side have in common -- they both inspire his work as a cartoonist! It was at a Smithsonian Museum exhibit of The Far Side that Matt first realized he wanted to be a cartoonist. [...]

Matt Daigle2023-07-05T12:18:10-04:00

Adrean Clark

Artist's Website »   Adrean Clark was born deaf on the plains of South Dakota. Her early life was spent in mainstreamed classrooms, where boredom led her to imagine fantastic stories and drawings. In time, she transferred to and graduated from the North Carolina School for the Deaf. It wasn't until leaving Gallaudet University [...]

Adrean Clark2018-09-19T16:20:55-04:00
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