Kimberly Thornsberry

Kim Thornsberry, a native of Michigan, had a challenging beginning due to unknown reasons causing her to be born Deaf. She attended a public school that offered support for Deaf students until she completed high school. It was during her younger years that Kim discovered art as a means of communication when she couldn't express [...]

Kimberly Thornsberry2024-01-14T20:28:36-05:00

Federico Quintana

Artist Website My name is Federico Quintana, and I was born Deaf in the lively city of Miami, Florida. From an early age, I embraced my Deaf identity and culture through art mediums. Growing up as a Deaf person, I encountered various challenges. However, my unwavering determination to pursue a career in education led [...]

Federico Quintana2023-10-30T22:33:05-04:00

Toby Fitch

Toby Fitch is a Washington-based Deaf multimedia artist who specializes in design, photography, motion and other mediums. Toby is a creative tinkerer who is deeply interested in many different forms of artistic expressions, leading to some of his work to be displayed in several galleries in both Seattle, WA and Rochester, NY in the past [...]

Toby Fitch2023-04-12T21:52:37-04:00

Berenice Alvarez-Caballero

A Deaf Mexican female artist who used art as a way to be able to expressed herself. (Awaiting full bio)  

Berenice Alvarez-Caballero2023-02-09T21:15:47-05:00

Plen-Tsarina Bautista

ARTIST'S WEBSITE   Plen-Tsarina “Tsa-Tsa” De Ocampo Bautista, a Filipino Deaf artist, was born in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. She graduated from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde with a Bachelor’s in Deaf Education and Applied Studies with a track in Multimedia Arts (2007- 2011), and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts and Design from [...]

Plen-Tsarina Bautista2023-07-05T12:16:40-04:00

Arnaud Balard

Arnaud Balard is a French DeafBlind artist.  He studied at University of History (1992-1993), before quickly joining  MJM Graphic Design (in Toulouse, 1993-95). Afterwards, Balard attended the EESAB (European Higher Art School of Bretagne) in Fine Arts, where he graduated with the congratulations of the jury in Rennes, 1995-98.  He went on to study at [...]

Arnaud Balard2020-08-07T16:57:27-04:00

Vicki Campos-Hamilton

Artist's Website   Vicki "Vickers" Campos-Hamilton was born in Carmel, California. Vicki has always been creative, excelling in all of her art classes. She was raised orally until she discovered ASL in college. At CSUN, she received her BA in Deaf Studies with an emphasis on Human Services in 1988. She moved to NYC [...]

Vicki Campos-Hamilton2023-07-05T12:14:18-04:00

Laurie Monahan

Artist Website Laurie was born in the late 60's in New Jersey. She was the only deaf person in the family. She taught using the oralism methods until she attended Youth Leadership Camp (YLC at Swan Lake, Minnesota) in 1984. That was when she learned ASL is her native language. Later on, Laurie studied Media [...]

Laurie Monahan2023-08-05T23:21:50-04:00

Yiqiao Wang

Yiqiao Wang was born in Beijing, China, came to Gallaudet University and graduated with a BA in Digital Media. Wang then earned her MFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Wang works as Creative Design Coordinator/Senior Artist at the Motion Light Lab for the Science of Learning Center on Visual Language [...]

Yiqiao Wang2020-02-29T13:59:27-05:00
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