Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq

Artist Website Rubbena is a London-based artist and facilitator whose work concerns culture, deaf identity and, as a deaf woman of Pakistani heritage, the multi-faceted nature of being a ‘minority within a minority’ Through painting and installations, she creates visual representations of language and emotional expression through her use of colour and form. Rubbena [...]

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq2024-01-19T20:14:28-05:00

Kimberly Thornsberry

Kim Thornsberry, a native of Michigan, had a challenging beginning due to unknown reasons causing her to be born Deaf. She attended a public school that offered support for Deaf students until she completed high school. It was during her younger years that Kim discovered art as a means of communication when she couldn't express [...]

Kimberly Thornsberry2024-01-14T20:28:36-05:00

Sarah Zia

Sarah Zia, born on September 14, 1989, in Lahore, Pakistan, is an accomplished artist known for her skills in miniature painting. She was diagnosed as being Deaf at the age of six months and has found her voice and expression in the world of art. At a young age of one and a half years, [...]

Sarah Zia2023-10-30T21:01:05-04:00

Dariusz Lisinski

Artist website I paint pictures, caricatures, create comics, and design tattoos. I am a Polish self-taught painter. I did not graduate from any art school because when I was growing up, Deaf people had no chance for self-development, going to higher education, or perfecting their passions. This was caused not only by a communication [...]

Dariusz Lisinski2023-10-30T21:06:35-04:00

Neena Suresh

Artist Website:   Neena Suresh (b. 1988, India) will be receiving her M.F.A in Painting in 2024 from Savannah College of Art and Design, SCADnow, and received a B.F.A in Studio Fine Arts in 2015 from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. She has exhibited her work in group exhibitions at Rochester, New York [...]

Neena Suresh2023-07-05T13:01:06-04:00

Negin Bayat

I am Negin Bayat, a full-deaf person, an individual artist, painter and illustrator. I've got first rank at the entrance exam of one of the best art schools of Karaj, Iran in Graphic major among 800 normal students, in 2004. I've got a very good grade at the entrance exam of university in Bachelor of [...]

Negin Bayat2020-10-16T13:43:15-04:00

Kelly Simpson

ARTIST'S WEBSITE   The idea suddenly popped up! Kelly decided to follow her life’s passion & become a full-time artist.  In 2009, she started painting animals and doing photography work in her new home, Frederick, MD, after moving from Washington, DC and leaving her 19 years as a museum curatorial technician with the federal [...]

Kelly Simpson2023-07-05T12:55:57-04:00

Zeinab Sadeghi Kaji

I was born deaf in 1985 and became interested in painting during early childhood.  I grew up in the hearing people's world and from 26 years old onward, I became acquainted with the Deaf culture. Through all these years, there have been lots of changes in my perspective towards the deaf and I got more [...]

Zeinab Sadeghi Kaji2020-09-18T22:06:22-04:00

Fred Beam

Fred M. Beam has been an visual artist since he was a child. He won first place in Temple Terrace Art Competition in Tampa, FL. when he was Senior in high school. His earliest artistic work appeared in NTID program pageant book (when he was a student there), Black Deaf Advocate Pageants, Gallaudet Dance Company [...]

Fred Beam2023-07-03T14:46:09-04:00

Laurie Landry

ARTIST'S WEBSITE   Laurie Landry was born in Calgary, Alberta to a nurse and an oil industry worker. They moved to Wells, BC when she was 3 months old, and then to Prince George, BC at the age of 3 for the educational resources available to her as a deaf child. Laurie has always [...]

Laurie Landry2023-07-05T12:31:49-04:00
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