Negin Bayat

I am Negin Bayat, a full-deaf person, an individual artist, painter and illustrator. I've got first rank at the entrance exam of one of the best art schools of Karaj, Iran in Graphic major among 800 normal students, in 2004. I've got a very good grade at the entrance exam of university in Bachelor of [...]

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Kelly Simpson

ARTIST'S WEBSITE The idea suddenly popped up! Kelly decided to follow her life’s passion & become a full-time artist.  In 2009, she started painting animals and doing photography work in her new home, Frederick, MD, after moving from Washington, DC and leaving her 19 years as a museum curatorial technician with the federal government. [...]

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Zeinab Sadeghi Kaji

I was born deaf in 1985 and became interested in painting during early childhood.  I grew up in the hearing people's world and from 26 years old onward, I became acquainted with the Deaf culture. Through all these years, there have been lots of changes in my perspective towards the deaf and I got more [...]

Zeinab Sadeghi Kaji2020-09-18T22:06:22-04:00

Fred Beam

Fred M. Beam has been an visual artist since he was a child. He won first place in Temple Terrace Art Competition in Tampa, FL. when he was Senior in high school. His earliest artistic work appeared in NTID program pageant book (when he was a student there), Black Deaf Advocate Pageants, Gallaudet Dance Company [...]

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Laurie Landry

ARTIST'S WEBSITE Laurie Landry was born in Calgary, Alberta to a nurse and an oil industry worker. They moved to Wells, BC when she was 3 months old, and then to Prince George, BC at the age of 3 for the educational resources available to her as a deaf child. Laurie has always been [...]

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Yusuf Yahya

Yusuf Yahya was born in Washington, D.C. He is the only Deaf child in his hearing family. His parents are very musical: his father played the piano, and his mother was a jazz singer. They were playing in a band when, at the age of three, he began dancing. After graduating from the Model Secondary [...]

Yusuf Yahya2020-07-22T20:57:52-04:00

Igor Kolombatovic

From Dyer Arts Center: Igor Kolombatovic became deaf at the age of three from spinal meningitis and spent his formative years in Europe. During his short time in the United States, he studied art in Chicago. When his family returned to Yugoslavia, he continued his studies at the National Art Academy in Belgrade and then [...]

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Vicki Campos-Hamilton

Artist's Website Vicki "Vickers" Campos-Hamilton was born in Carmel, California. Vicki has always been creative, excelling in all of her art classes. She was raised orally until she discovered ASL in college. At CSUN, she received her BA in Deaf Studies with an emphasis on Human Services in 1988. She moved to NYC and [...]

Vicki Campos-Hamilton2020-04-29T15:19:49-04:00

Scott Mars

I was born deaf and am from Ohio. My mother and sister both have hearing kosses. I went to a school in Mayfield. I went to Millridge Center for the Hearing Impaired. I have been a visual artist all my life. My father was a printer. I was accepted to NTID. My goal was to [...]

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Laurie Monahan

ARTIST'S WEBSITE Born in New Jersey, I attended hearing schools with a special program for the deaf students until college at NTID/RIT in 1987. I studied Media Production for three years and worked several jobs as a graphic designer after graduation. I decided to move back to Rochester in 1997. I got a permanent [...]

Laurie Monahan2020-02-29T14:37:29-05:00
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