Ashley Hannan

ARTIST'S WEBSITE   Ashley Hannan is originally from Valdosta, GA and currently lives in Tampa, FL. Hannan earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from RIT in 2008 and is the communications coordinator of Florida Deaf Art Show. A few years after college, Ashley geared her creativity away from computers towards painting. Her vibrant [...]

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Kathy Fisher-Abraham

Born in Dallas, Texas to a Hearing mother and Hard of Hearing father, I grew up always drawing in order to communicate with the use of the blackboard my parents bought me in the living room. Born naturally Deaf, my parents struggled with the school because they refused to accept me due to my being [...]

Kathy Fisher-Abraham2020-03-05T16:12:25-05:00

Raymond Fuyana

Raymond Fuyana was born in 1995 in Zimbabwe. He moved to South Africa, Johannesburg in 2009. He attended St Vincent School the Deaf in Rosebank. He then joined the Saturday Youth Portfolio Development at Artist Proof Studio in 2015 and enrolled for the full time programme in 2016. In 2018, Fuyana aims to complete his [...]

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Amy Cohen Efron

ARTIST’S WEBSITE Amy Cohen Efron is a native Brooklynite and is a late bloomer artist. I was born Deaf, and all of my childhood life; I dabbled in different art mediums to express my innermost thoughts and feelings. This was the only way that I could effectively communicate. I took several art classes at [...]

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Larry Yanez

Artist, Larry Yanez Sr., is a native of Sugarland, Texas. Yanez developed an interest in art at 6 age; his parents recognized his natural ability to draw and encouraged his artistic talents by giving him his first set of oil paints in his early teen years. Though Yanez is primarily self-taught, he began to develop [...]

Larry Yanez2018-09-19T16:45:34-04:00

David Prusinski

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Oil painting - realism, symbolism, narrative, spiritual ARTWORK RELATED OR NOT RELATED TO DEAFNESS: My artwork is related to personal issue and spiritual growth. "Therapy" WERE YOU BORN DEAF? Yes, I was born deaf. DID YOU ATTEND DEAF SCHOOLS? WHERE? Yup, I attened Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio. I [...]

David Prusinski2018-07-17T10:42:01-04:00

Lesley Kushner

Lesley Kushner was born deaf and mainstreamed in hearing schools in a small Louisiana town. In her work, she combines her childhood memories with her experiences as a painter and adult in New York City. She discovered that painting was a way to affirm herself despite the painful social isolation of mainstreaming. Ms. Kushner received [...]

Lesley Kushner2018-07-17T10:34:09-04:00
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