Kelly Simpson

ARTIST'S WEBSITE   The idea suddenly popped up! Kelly decided to follow her life’s passion & become a full-time artist.  In 2009, she started painting animals and doing photography work in her new home, Frederick, MD, after moving from Washington, DC and leaving her 19 years as a museum curatorial technician with the federal [...]

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Andrew Robertson

Artist's Website   Andrew Robertson, his wife and three beautiful children reside in Silver Spring, Maryland. Andrew has been a talented deaf professional photographer since 2011. Photography has been a prominent part of his life since he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is best known for his articulate colorful and black and [...]

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Paul Scearce

ARTIST'S WEBSITE   I’m a Deaf digital artist and photographer. I was born in 1969 at Chattanooga, Tennessee. I became deaf after I got sick with meningitis at six months old. Currently, I’m the only one profoundly Deaf person in my whole Hearing family. Later my mother and I moved to Washington state. I [...]

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Rosemary Edwards

Deaf since birth, I have loved art ever since I can remember. My mom was an artist. She always supported my passion in art. She always gave me materials to work with. It was always different media. Painting, drawing, printing, carving, ceramics, etc. My mom gave me my first camera when I was around 9-10 [...]

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Jason Trzebny

ARTIST’S WEBSITE »   Born on July 7, 1975, Jason became deaf from meningitis when he was just a year old. From there he spent years in the mainstreaming system in the northern Illinois part until he transferred to the Wisconsin School for the Deaf and received his diploma there. Afterwards, he attended a [...]

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Rita Straubhaar

Resume   Rita Straubhaar lives in Rochester, NY and is a 1991 graduate from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology in the Bio-Medical Photography Program. My inspiration is Mother Nature herself.  Her beauty and grace are amazing and infinite.  I believe that many people are not aware or are only [...]

Rita Straubhaar2018-09-19T16:44:31-04:00

Maggie Lee Sayre

Maggie Lee Sayre was born deaf near Paducah, Kentucky, in 1920. She lived 51 years of her life on a river houseboat as her family made a living fishing throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. A collection of her photographs, accompanied by descriptive captions from Sayre, has recently been published by the University Press of Mississippi. The [...]

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Orkid Sassouni

Orkid Sassouni grew up on Long Island, New York after leaving Iran with her family in 1979.  She received her B.A degree in Art History and Museum Studies from Gallaudet University in 1990, under Dr. Deborah Sonnenstrahl, chairperson of the Art Department.   She has been a frequent Gallery Lecturer in the Sign of Arts program at [...]

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Victor Magide

Behind the lens Victor Magide was born deaf in New York City to parents who escaped Castro's Cuba. He was raised in Miami, Florida and attended special classes for deaf and hard of hearing students. It was here in the public schools where he learned to speak and read lips. Victor became fluent in English, [...]

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Tim Kettering

ARTIST’S WEBSITE »   Born and raised in the quiet city of Minneapolis, Tim the youngster found creative outlets in drawing and painting. Ever since picking up his first digital camera in 2002, however, photography has become the perfect outlet for for his creative expression; it affords him the opportunity to show the world [...]

Tim Kettering2018-09-19T16:29:21-04:00
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