Janhavi Khemka

Artist Website Born in 1993 in Varanasi, Janhavi Khemka is an interdisciplinary artist in India and Chicago. She attends the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in pursuit of a Master of fine arts degree in print media. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and printmaking from the Faculty [...]

Janhavi Khemka2023-05-06T22:11:57-04:00

Joe Monteleone

Artist Website In 2022 Joe Monteleone graduated from the Box Hill Institute in Victoria Australia with a Diploma of Visual Arts, specialization in printmaking. Deafblind identity is central to Joe’s art practice. Beginning as a personal hobby to process and express emotions, Joe’s practice has evolved to create work that additionally aims to raise [...]

Joe Monteleone2023-02-07T20:46:28-05:00

Laural Hartman

ARTIST'S WEBSITE Laurel Hartman is from Los Angeles, CA and lives and Works in Rochester, NY. Artist's Statement My work often explores the concept of mapping in the areas of incidental exposure, personal reflections and conversations. I express the layered nuances and complications of life by layering physical ephemera with certain mediums such as [...]

Laural Hartman2021-12-02T19:52:43-05:00

Youmee Lee

Artist's Website Through art, I have explored my intersectional experiences as a Deaf Korean American woman raised by an immigrant family. I studied art and printmaking in New York City, Seoul, and Amsterdam prior to my MFA studies in Film and Animation. I enjoy teaching filmmaking and animation to the youth. I explore materials [...]

Youmee Lee2020-04-10T15:41:16-04:00

David Call

For De’VIA artist, David Call,  art has been a way of communication, a way of sharing his imagination, a passion, a method of truth-telling, and a tool for activism.  His journey as a Deaf person and as a self-taught artist has been documented through his many linocut images. One Artist’s Beginnings David Call was born [...]

David Call2020-07-18T19:31:49-04:00

David Bloch

David Bloch Porcelain Artist, Wood cut Printmaker, and Painter David Bloch was born in Bavaria, South Germany, in 1910. Bloch enrolled in a school for the deaf in Munich when he was five years of age and on leaving school he entered the Technical School of the Porcelain Industry in Selb. After graduation, he was [...]

David Bloch2018-09-19T16:19:34-04:00

Randy Garber

ARTIST’S WEBSITE » From her website: Randy Garber's studio practice is divided between her studio in Somerville, MA and the Mixit Print Studio, where she is a Partner, also in Somerville, MA. A recipient of many artist awards and grants including ones from the Traveling Fellowship from the School of the Museum of Fine [...]

Randy Garber2020-08-03T16:33:40-04:00
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