Claire Bergman

I was born deaf in New York City and after spending my childhood and youth at the Wright Oral School and the Washington Irving High School, both in Manhattan, I was admitted to the Pratt Institute on the strength of my sketches. I was influenced by my mother, who was a painter herself; in my [...]

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Jessica Geiger

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: My dolls portray characters who are normally ignored by mainstream society. I recall a 1997 review in The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) in which Cary Smith comments on my "…disturbing doll-like sculptures…Wonderfully inventive and unique, Geiger's figures depict people at the fringes of society; down-and-outers, outlaws and rejects." I am inspired by [...]

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Douglas Tilden

Bio by Patti Durr Tilden became Deaf before the age of 4 from Scarlet Fever.  He attended the California Institution for the Education and Care of the Indigent Deaf and Dumb and the Blind (CSD).  He was a high-spirited individual.  Outspoken and dynamic.  This is illustrated by his having been thrown off the CSD Debate [...]

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Thad Martin

October 11, 1967 - July 10, 2023 Thad Martin was born in Sacramento, California in 1967. He contracted spinal meningitis while in first grade at Starr King Elementary in 1973, and as a result he became profoundly deaf. His parents chose the Total Communication method, and Thad learned Signed English soon afterwards. Thad returned to [...]

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Carl Lil’ Bear

Carl Lil’ Bear, Sculptor and Wood Carver 1971, Technical Vocational Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota Carl is a self-taught artist. “Totem poles are part of our Deaf culture, language and communication. I love to work with wood, the spirits of Native Americans, and especially with Bison (north), Bear (west), Wolf (south), and Eagles (east). My Uncle [...]

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John L. Clarke

ARTIST’S WEBSITE »   John Louis Clarke was born in Highwood, Montana, near Great Falls, March 10, 1881, of a Blackfeet Indian mother, Margaret, daughter of Chief Stands Alone, and a part Scottish, part Blackfeet father, Horace J. Clarke. Horace’s father was Major Malcolm Clarke, a West point cadet classmate of General William Sherman [...]

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