Artist website

I paint pictures, caricatures, create comics, and design tattoos. I am a Polish self-taught painter. I did not graduate from any art school because when I was growing up, Deaf people had no chance for self-development, going to higher education, or perfecting their passions. This was caused not only by a communication barrier – the lack of an interpreter – but above all by a social barrier. Deaf people have often been treated as less capable and less developing people. I worked for several years in a stained glass company where I learned the art of creating stained glass. I started a family, I have a wife and two wonderful children. Apart from painting, in my free time I am interested in photography, traveling and fishing. Then I can rest among the beautiful Polish nature, calm down and relax.

I also took part in exhibitions:
– Exhibition in Katowice “Art without borders” August 2, 2019
– Expo in Warsaw 30/06 – 01/07/2023 (cooperation with GM Design)
– Expo Dövas Dag i Malmö 15/09/2023 Theme är “Alla är lika värda” (collaboration with GM Design)