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Granville Redmond was stricken with scarlett fever at the age of three, from which he lost his hearing. Redmond attended the Berkeley School for the Deaf from 1879-1890, where he was encouraged in his artistic interests.

Following graduation, Redmond attended the San Francisco School of Design, from which he was awarded a scholarship for further study in Paris.

Following his return to the U.S., Redmond lived in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, until work in Hollywood prompted him to settle permanently in Los Angeles. Redmond used his sign language skills in bit parts in silent movies, and during this time befriended Charlie Chaplin. In fact, he had a studio on the Chaplin lot, and appeared in a number of his films.

Today Redmond is nationally known for his Impressionist landscapes featuring the California wildflowers, as well as his coastals, and Tonal moonlit scenes.

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