Jenamarie Bacot, Mixed-Media Painter
2003, BFA, Studio Art, Rochester Institute of Technology, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester, New York.

Currently, Jenamarie is a graduate student in RIT’s MFA Studio program.

“Being a young woman who has migrated from her familiar places into unfamiliar ones has created many moments of doubt, question, and joy. Being in a college environment creates greater pressure on those unfamiliar places because it is the place where we are asked to ask why instead of being told the way things are. Painter Mark Rothko is a prevalent influence in my body of work displayed here. To me, Rothko’s color fields communicate beyond just color. They are allegorical paintings about his soul. While I am not attempting to copy him, I am walking on a path he created as I develop confidence in creating my own artistic path. My works here represent the habitat of my own soul traveling on different endeavors, both clear and unclear.”

(Note: Jenamarie’s name before marriage was Daviton-Sciandra)