The idea suddenly popped up! Kelly decided to follow her life’s passion & become a full-time artist.  In 2009, she started painting animals and doing photography work in her new home, Frederick, MD, after moving from Washington, DC and leaving her 19 years as a museum curatorial technician with the federal government.

Let Kelly give you an idea about way she picked up a camera & found a new love. Her style & approach is simple, bold, modern and true. Her greatest talents are the ability to mix with any class of people & to get nervous subjects to relax in front of the camera with the ‘feeling’ of being beautiful… The best is when her clients reveal their love to her just as their family & friends see it. She’s truly inspired by that. She doesn’t want us to be strangers. She wants to capture what’s in your heart. She hopes that while you are looking around here, you will see & feel what’s in her. If you feel connected to the heart behind her work, she can’t wait to hear from you.

Although Kelly’s work is in oil on canvas, her unique feeling for capturing the pet with their “everyday look” in a contemporary-style against the bright background color…while in the act of painting, she’s constantly communicating with the developing image on canvas. Each one has a unique spirit represented in their expressive eyes.
If you would like to commission a unique portrait of your special animal friend, please contact Kelly for more information. She would be honored to create a keepsake to commemorate your bond of love with your animal. Her pet paintings now hang in homes worldwide.

She’s also very thankful for the many friends and family members that have always encouraged her. But most of all, she’s truly grateful to her darling husband that she’s able to do what she loves.