Kim Thornsberry, a native of Michigan, had a challenging beginning due to unknown reasons causing her to be born Deaf. She attended a public school that offered support for Deaf students until she completed high school. It was during her younger years that Kim discovered art as a means of communication when she couldn’t express herself verbally. Drawing and pictures became a way for her to convey her needs and desires to her family, bridging the gap between her limited spoken English and their understanding. This early experience sparked a passion for art in Kim’s life.

Throughout her school years, Kim took art classes, both in K-12 education and as elective courses at Gallaudet University. Art became a source of joy and tranquility for her. While pursuing a career in Mental Health, Kim kept art as a hobby, finding solace and fulfillment in creating various forms of artwork. She honed her skills in woodworking, upcycling old furniture, painting canvases, maintaining a daily journal of paintings, and creating digital art using American Sign Language (ASL) signs.

In collaboration with her father, Michael Johnson, Kim worked as an illustrator for their book titled “A Boy and his Bones,” which was published in November 2021. Her father contributed as a poet to the project. Currently residing in the northern part of Utah, Kim continues her artistic journey, specializing in painting and digital drawings.

Artist Statement
Kim, a Deaf individual, relies on her artistic abilities to bridge the communication gap between herself and non-ASL signing individuals. Art serves as a valuable tool for her to effectively express herself and engage with others who do not understand American Sign Language.

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