The act of creating visual mediums demonstrates my unbounded intuition as a contemporary artist to produce works of important personal insights and interactive experiences in the form of collage art.
My artistic interest in and commitment to collage/photomontage/mixed media developed at a later age in my life, after being dormant for many years.  It has allowed me to pursue my thoughts as far as my inspirations could take me.
Since it is not about selecting a working method and deciding which media to use as an artist that I create my intuitive artistic pieces, all  I want to do is combine my experiences, ideas, and multiple perspectives with the specific events and context of everyday life.  I strive to incorporate and articulate in my art most people’s feelings, their reluctance to believe in their own intuition, and their desires to believe in something.
You will find my  mediums showing blade scratches and paper tears as part of the works’ details. They are part of my artistic exploration, much as brush strokes do in a painting.

Each piece varies in content, depending on my current subject focus.  My art truly reflects my spontaneity and my artistic unpredictable form of expression   My art is a piece of my soul in its external form

Artist’s Statement
Collage is not just about cutting and pasting items. It is a way for me to follow my intuition and express my visual narratives. The results are always something that no one else could have created for me. I have never been easily satisfied, other than through the creation of visual statements made in an artistic manner.