Mary A. Rappazzo is a Los Angeles-based fine arts painter, digital artist, and graphic designer. Her recognizable, one-eyed signature style is expressed in bold statements using bright colors, figurative and representational images in idealized forms. She is drawn to themes involving human interaction, social justice, and people in the public eye. Mary’s paintings have been shown at galleries nationally and in Japan. Her work has garnered national awards and has been featured in several textbooks and magazines, as well as television. To see more of her artworks, Mary’s fine arts website is For digital art and illustration, visit 1 Eye Art and Design,

Artist’s Statement
I usually paint three common themes: One theme depicts outsiders looking in. It seems easy to see that in many of my paintings, someone or something seeks to be included. This element often relates to a second theme of social justice and injustice. A third common element is that the figures in my paintings are often missing a sensory organ (e.g., missing an eye, ears, or a mouth), but they are still connecting and engaging with the world around them. Honestly, I didn’t notice that about my work for many years; these people who lack sensory features just came out of me and onto the canvas. I use acrylic and oil mediums on canvas, paper and masonite, in addition to digital media.

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