Nancy Cook Smith, Artist/Designer
 BFA, Textiles, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island.

Nancy is a fine artist and designer of handwoven fabrics and clothing.

I have used my textile background to create a different approach to clothing. I first design and make a hand-woven (hand-loomed) fabric. I then take the result and work a garment around the particulars of each fabric. I use all natural fibers; mostly rayon (a wood pulp product), cotton, linen, and some silk. Each fabric, each piece, is basically one-of-a-kind. The concern with color, pattern, the hand (drape), and simplicity of style give my work a recognizable mark. I have concentrated on women’s wear, but also produce a line of scarves.

My insistence on being a self-defined designer/artist/craftsman has led to acceptance in clothing stores nationwide as well as galleries that specialize in wearable art. Currently, I am developing a private clientele, considering more shop accounts, pursuing gallery-type exhibitions, and exploring the use of my fabrics in other contexts such as furniture.