I am Negin Bayat, a full-deaf person, an individual artist, painter and illustrator.
I’ve got first rank at the entrance exam of one of the best art schools of
Karaj, Iran in Graphic major among 800 normal students, in 2004. I’ve got a
very good grade at the entrance exam of university in Bachelor of
Painting, in 2009. I was admitted to Sooreh University in Tehran for
continuing my Master Degree of Painting as one of the top students
and talented scholar group (with an A+ GPA score), in 2014. My thesis topic
was “Art Therapy for children with Autism spectrum disorder”. I’ve
participated in many national and international Art exhibitions. I also enjoy horseback riding at the horse riding club.

-Master Degree in Painting- Sooreh University ( Top Student and as a Talented Scholar Group)- Tehran, 2017.
-Bachelor Degree in Painting- Sooreh University- Tehran, 2013.
-Graphic Diploma- 17 Shahrivar Art School-Karaj, 2006.

Solo Art Exhibition:

  • Niyavaran Cultural Center -Tittle of My Dreams -Tehran, Iran- June 2017.

Numerous International, National Art Exhibitions & Online Art Exhibitions

  • Group Art Exhibition in DC KOZMOS ART Gallery- My Dreams Title- Istanbul, Turkey-December 2017.
  • Group Art Exhibition in  FIERA ROMA- Free Title- Rome, Italy-December 2017.
  • Biafarin Online Art Exhibition – Free Subject- Ontario, Canada- From July until August 2020.
  • Artebooking Online Art Exhibitions – Free Subject- France- From July until August 2020.
Artist’s Statement
I’ve truly been in the art world. I get inspiration from light, color, forms, etc. by traveling in heart of nature. In my artworks, nature expresses itself with a unique, imaginative way and with different colors. Children, animals and sea are mixed together in a special and harmonious way of Surrealism, and this blend manifests my thoughts on the canvas with a colorful shining in the best way possible. Indeed, my paintings and also my imagination are similar to the style of East Asia, particularly Hindi as seen in my artworks such as “the yogi girl”, “my LOVE”, “my song”, “the sound with the taste of color and silence”, “my giraffes world”, “my snail world”, “my brown moose”, “my flamingo world”, and many more. I tried a lot to use unique warm colors in my artworks, that’s why these colors are more visible in my paintings. I hope you enjoy visiting my original paintings.

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