From her website:
Randy Garber’s studio practice is divided between her studio in Somerville, MA and the Mixit Print Studio, where she is a Partner, also in Somerville, MA.

A recipient of many artist awards and grants including ones from the Traveling Fellowship from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, The Wynn Newhouse Foundation, Somerville Artist Council, Puffin Foundation and St. Botolph Foundation, Garber’s work can be found in museum, corporate, and private collections including The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Decordova Museum, the Boston Athenaum, The Boston Public Library, the Children’s Hospital, Karp Cancer Research Building, and the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf in Portland, ME. Recent exhibitions of Garber’s work include the Decordova Museum, Boston Convention Center, and the Dishman Art Museum.

She works eclectically, with a passion for using traditional printmaking and painting techniques to express her intensively researched contemporary concerns and concepts. Garber was raised in Philadelphia, PA watching her father, a hand engraver, carve portraits into silver platters and minute family crests into signet rings.

Randy Garber currently teaches drawing and printmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and lives in Somerville, MA.

Artist Statement

My work investigates perception and how meaning is deciphered. How we navigate our perceptual terrain is complicated by the fact that what we excavate, discover and describe is always over-determined by the tools we use: language, memory, science, line, shape, color, etc.: puzzling this out is the subject of my work.

Throughout my explorations in varied media in two and three dimensional work, my images evoke a sense of order as well as orderly growth gone awry. I believe that the aberrant, the rogue and the wayward signals are the ones that can guide us to expanded understanding of our worlds and ourselves.