Raymond Fuyana was born in 1995 in Zimbabwe. He moved to South Africa, Johannesburg in 2009. He attended St Vincent School the Deaf in Rosebank. He then joined the Saturday Youth Portfolio Development at Artist Proof Studio in 2015 and enrolled for the full time programme in 2016. In 2018, Fuyana aims to complete his third year at Artist Proof Studio. He plans to enroll for the 4th year internship programme in 2019 to further his studies at APS.

Artist’s Statement

My work is influenced by the surrealism, I create a world of different perspectives. As a deaf person, my experience of the world and the hearing community can be seen in the work I make. I create dreamlike landscape to express my feelings and mood. The spaces I creates can be viewed upside down and right-side up. In this body of work I have used elements of the classical architecture with African landscapes. The emotions add a contemporary element of how we communicate feelings using technology. I focused on capturing the confusion and communication breakdown I experience daily. The crow plays an important role in my work because it represent me in these spaces. I am able to interpreter noise and emotions by creating busy and strange spaces.

Video of Raymond