Rita Straubhaar lives in Rochester, NY and is a 1991 graduate from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology in the Bio-Medical Photography Program.

My inspiration is Mother Nature herself.  Her beauty and grace are amazing and infinite.  I believe that many people are not aware or are only partially aware of time how perfect nature can be.  For me, nature is it’s own perfect model.

When I am taking photographs of flowers outdoors, the wind keeps the flowers in constant motion.  The challenge for me is to wait for it to hold it’s own breath to “allow me the privilege” of photographing it’s beauty.

As I capture the essence of a subject, I am in awe with the texture and perfection of it whether it’s in the midst of a struggle to bloom, or in full glory, or even in the sadness of decay.  My goal is to share this awe; to inspire others to see what I see and hopefully take the time to appreciate the perfection of Mother Nature.