Robin Bartholick is a commercial photographer/artist who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. He was born and raised in Bellingham, Washington in a log cabin on a lake where, for a short while, there was no heat or hot water. His parents heated water in a tub on the stove, soaped him and then took him to the lake to rinse him off — even in the middle of the winter, which may have build his character and tenacity!

Robin’s father was a nationally known architect and his mother was a potter who later became a coordinator for an art school. Robin’s interest in photography began at an early age — he took his first photo course at the age twelve. As a child he played with clay and got involved with pottery and painting as well. He was continually exposed to artists and art in his parent’s “hippie” home where many Northwest artists who later became prominent, moved freely as visitors and friends, over the years.

Robin attended New York’s NTID/RIT and was honored in shows there as an outstanding photographic talent. Robin has always excelled in everything he set his hands to and feels that his hearing impairment has pushed him to great excellence. The frustration of not communicating as a child led him to become a highly skilled lip-reader and ultimately a deaf actor in a Broadway road production of “Children of a Lesser God” touring the United States and Canada for two years before setting up his studio in Seattle.

Robin’s photography includes people, still-life, advertising, corporate, large sets and digital imaging. He has been a successful national photographer for the last twenty years, serving such clients as Microsoft, Nintendo, Infiniti, Boeing, Airborne Express, Intel, American Airlines, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, PowerAde, Ford Motors, Hitachi and Starbucks. He has successfully merged his life-long involvement in fine art with commercial photography work.