I was born deaf and am from Ohio. My mother and sister both have hearing kosses. I went to a school in Mayfield. I went to Millridge Center for the Hearing Impaired. I have been a visual artist all my life. My father was a printer. I was accepted to NTID. My goal was to be a printer. I recently got a grant from the Ohio Arts Council. To continue to grow as a artist. You can find my page Scott Mars Art on facebook. I am a self taught artist in symbolism and abstract expressionism. I am a painter ceramicist and print maker. I plan to up date my work frequently. It is great to know a major link for Deaf and hard of hearing artist to have our work seen.  I have been a member of the art therapy studio since 1994. www.arttherapystudio.org

Artist’s Statement
To be an artist, we must be true to ourselves.  I can not be an artist who uses the scope of realism. So I am an expressionist. We must have a motive to present our work . Color is a focus to being an expressionist. Meditations mandala play a role in my work. I also do portraits. My goal is to present my work as is. This is incorporated with poetry, reaking rules-and schemes and be as is. You will see the ideals of Wabi Sabi embracing imperfect work and find the beauty in flaws. I hope my work speaks for itself.  Many works of art are like a wilting flower that has been fed and brought back to life.