Scott Upton is Deaf and is from Canada. Scott was born in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Ontario. He attended Ernest C. Drury School in Milton, Ontario and Sir James Whitney School in Belleville, Ontario for the final two years and graduated there.

Scott is a desktop publisher, graphic designer, digital artist and pressman. He lives and works in Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is a very beautiful city and lots of history in this city. Scott is currently work as a pressman. He has over 22 years as pressman experience and was working on Heidelberg MOZP press (6 and half tons press). Heidelberg press is well-known for printing and he was doing full color printing.

Scott is involved in many Deaf sports and events committees. He was designs the flyers and program books for them. He started a home based business in his spare time in 1997 called Remember When… It is a Desktop Publishing, Design and Printing Service and is still in current now – serving many Deaf clubs, organizations, businesses and services.

His interest was heightened when he bought some impressive 3D software that offered endless ways to create designs.  Hand Nation was just added to his business and it is Digital Art of Sign Language. Hand Nation has been four years in the making, using five different software programs and over 2 GB of memory. The key to making these creative pictures is ‘patience’. His first design was the jet and his favorite design is the motorcycle.