Sheri hails from Houston, Texas. After graduating from Texas School for the Deaf with Honors as a class salutatorian, she got her Bachelors in History from Gallaudet University and Masters in Deaf Education from Lamar University.  Sheri owns and manages a small business specializing in wood art including but not limited to Deaf Culture arts, American Sign Language products, etc. She currently lives in Silver Spring, MD with her husband, Peter Un and their 2 kids, Pierre and Alana.

As a wood artist, I enjoy exploring different ways to use wood as a medium in my art and sometimes, I add nails, wiring, paint, and so on to enhance the beauty of wood art.  As a deaf person, I am inspired by many deaf leaders of the past and present. It is my goal to inspire others by adding these amazing leaders in art, to capture important milestones of our history or political view within our community through art. Being a signer at heart, it is my dream to capture the authenticity of American Sign Language in art rather than changing or downloading ASL for the sake of art.

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