I was raised in Kankakee, Illinois and came from a hearing Black family. My family shared the narrative stories about the migration from South.  I am a fine art photographer that captures color and black & white photographs from the environment and events.  I focus on different perspectives and evaluate light or shadow and how they affect on objects and humans.  I am also an haptic artist using collage to explore Deaf culture – with a focus on Black Deaf people’s experiences.

Artist statement:

I am a Haptic Art Artist and Fine Art Photographer. I have been involved in De’VIA since 2014 because I started to gather more information about Black Deaf History including my ancestry from my family’s side. I wanted to share my experiences with you about the oppression faced by Black Deaf people, Deaf experiences, Deafhood and more. I am spending my time working on the compositions with textured materials because I wanted to feel the connection to various artworks. Most of my Haptic art is giving you the narrative stories and interpretation about Black History. Most of the artworks are influenced by Jacob Lawrence and Emroy Douglass.