Watercolor painting is a very well known technique, easy on appearance, which the great masters have utilized as a way of expression when they wish to give freedom to their expression of the sensibility that vibrates with the most imperceptible changes in light that change the tones of color. The brush, soaked with water and color, joins the surface of paper, looking to use the white brilliance of the paper to create contrast and luminosity. It is a process that requires speed and has a lot to do with spontaneity and improvisation.

Tina’s paintings are fulfilled with natural pigments that are saturated in gum Arabic; modify traditional commercial materials in order to discover new textures and qualities.

Special watercolor paper, with thick texture and grain, is dampened and mounted on a frame, much in the same way a canvas is for oil painting. This is different to the normal way of painting watercolors.

At the moment of executing a painting, the amount of water saturation in the brush will define the tonality of each color, the contrasts, the transparency and the texture. Water imperceptibly moves creating light an dark zones, affects luminosity, shadows, allowing the painter the opportunity to create equilibrium or imbalance, relationships between colors and movement.

“For me, watercolor is a stimulus. It opens and creates new paths for expression and new techniques. The transparency of water is at times, like a mirror, moves like a river and produces specific rhythms with the colors. As soon as the watercolor dries, the river stops. It becomes like a desert.

I like working on a painting with freedom, with large brush strokes, looking for a composition, allowing my feelings of the moment to flow freely, producing an interior and personal resonance.”