Tony M. Fowler is a digital fine artist best known for his surrealist work and thought-provoking images. During his time at art school in Houston, Texas, he worked in commercial art to help his mother, a professional artist, while experimenting with airbrush painting. In 2012, he began modeling surrealist images in computer and became known for his witty images that gave new meanings to familiar things. With increasing popularity, Fowler was able to pursue his art full-time and was recognized in several exhibitions. Throughout his career, he experimented with various styles and forms and was a major influence on the surreal art movement.

Tony’s artistic foundation originated from his early years of pencil sketching, collages, bas reliefs, watercolor, and oil painting. He mastered fine art, board drafting, airbrushing, and pen-ink illustration during his college years. He was a skilled CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Draftsman in the creation, modification, analysis, and optimization of architectural, roadway, and mechanical design in his 28-year career; he also created 3D renderings for presentations, client proposals, and concept study.

Tony’s artwork is filled with visions of supernatural realms, portals into parallel realities, and glimpses into the absurd world. However, the irrational and mysterious are inevitably invaded by the unreal: violin heads, floating bowler hats, penny farthing, Edison light bulb heads, and suspended ears, hands, lips, and masks constantly changing and leaving their characters for different roles. He believes that the majority of people have become accustomed to propaganda, ideology, politics, social media, and established perceptions and are unaware of it; he believes that it is useful to turn everything upside down to wake them up.