Tony Landon McGregor received his B.A., B.F.A., and M.Ed. degrees at the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin). He received his Ph.D. in multicultural special education, focusing on art education for children with disabilities, also at UT-Austin. His doctoral dissertation focused on the life of a Dine (Navajo) Deaf rug weaver living on the reservation. Also, he was heavily involved in establishing a national organization for Native American Deaf individuals (now called Intertribal Deaf Council). For several years, he worked as a resident artist-in-education at the Austin Museum of Art in Austin, Texas.

Dr. McGregor, usually called “Tony Mac,” is a nationally well known Deaf artist and his works have been featured at several state, national, and international shows such as the Texas State Arts and Crafts Show, Kentucky DeaFestival, the Texas Crafts Exhibition at Winedale, “Spotlight on Deaf Artists II,” “Elements of Deaf Culture,” “Seeing through Deaf Eyes,” and Deaf Way II. Additional information on Tony Mac can be found in Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary, authored by Dr. Debbie M. Sonnenstrahl. Tony Mac also rendered the illustrations in Victory WeekDeaf Culture: A to ZThe ÒI Love YouÓ Story, and Hearing Loss: An Alphabet BookAmerican Sign Language Coloring Book is his latest book he illustrated. Two of his illustrations from Hearing Loss: An Alphabet Book were featured at the first National Juried DeVIA competition in Nashville, Tennessee. Tony Mac travels nationwide, promoting BuTo, Limted Company, which he co-founded, and paints various Southwestern themes or woodburns gourds during his spare time. He is currently working on a new children’s book focusing on a famous American Deaf artist’s life.