Artist’s Website


Through art, I have explored my intersectional experiences as a Deaf Korean American woman raised by an immigrant family. I studied art and printmaking in New York City, Seoul, and Amsterdam prior to my MFA studies in Film and Animation. I enjoy teaching filmmaking and animation to the youth. I explore materials that resonate with stories. My niche is printmaking with handmade Korean paper, hanji, where I illustrate stories to life.

Artist’s Statement
Youmee Lee is a multi-faceted artist and filmmaker. Through her allegorical approach in the pictorial space, she is analyzing physical vulnerability and transitions between different cultures, yet striving to bridge gaps through shared humanity. Art is a communicative medium where she elicits her own whimsical imagination, experimenting with narrative storytelling. So far, she has been intertwining fine arts, illustration, and moving images into her intricate body of work.