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Andrew Robertson, his wife and three beautiful children reside in Silver Spring, Maryland. Andrew has been a talented deaf professional photographer since 2011. Photography has been a prominent part of his life since he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is best known for his articulate colorful and black and white pictures that capture the unique spirit of his photography work. He is also recognized for taking professional-quality photos of conference events, performing art dance events, photo manipulation, and individual photography. He has a love for creating amazing images and capturing moments that others appreciate. Andrew Robertson believes a key ingredient in great photography is connecting with your subject. He has the expertise and vision to capturing memorable times in your life.

Artist’s Statement

Andrew Robertson highlights National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA), it’s legacy of strong leadership and an ever-growing experience. Andrew helps promote and increase awareness, as well as support public relations through the art of my work. As a quality photographer, Andrew is able to create photos that capture amazing moments when he is brought in to do event photography at NBDA’s numerous events. Andrew is passionate about capturing the unique and candid moments within this community. His desire is to capture the essence of subjects with natural light and a fresh approach that you, local Black Deaf Advocates chapters, friends and family can share. “Many thanks to NBDA board members, they put their full faith in me to capture priceless moments.” It also allows Robertson to learn the importance of Deaf Black leadership, advocacy, and cultural education. Andrew strives to provide NBDA with an unique photography experience that is true to his style and images that capture cultural experiences, natural personalities, and memorable moments.

His ability to capture the spirit and motion of dancers and the essence of individuals and organizations is exceptional.

Resume Highlight:
1. Gallaudet University had selected 64 of the best photos taken to honor the 2016-2017 Academic year. (18/64): Gallaudet Dance Company hosted its 62nd annual Spring 2017 dance concert, “Dancers at the Movies & More”.
2. I have been selected among 54 deaf artists for ASLIZED’s playing card. My number card is 4. View playing card at

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